Sunday, March 16, 2008


What I had to do to get an XPCOM component written in C++ compiled and linked on OS X
1. Install Xcode
2. Install Fink
3. At command prompt
cd /sw/bin;
sudo ./apt-get install glib
sudo ./apt-get install libIDL2
sudo cp libIDL-config-2 libIDL-config

4. Download the source of the Firefox version you'll be developing for. The only steps I had to perform that weren't mentioned on
was to add the following directory to my path

5. change to directory to which Firefox source was downloaded and run the following commands
cp ./obj-ff/dist/bin/libxpcom_core.dylib ./obj-ff/dist/sdk/bin
cp ./obj-ff/dist/bin/libplds4.dylib ./obj-ff/dist/sdk/bin
cp ./obj-ff/dist/bin/libplc4.dylib ./obj-ff/dist/sdk/bin

6. Follow the steps give in
with Makefile looking like this:

GECKO_SDK := /obj-ff/dist/sdk

all: xpt dylib
$(GECKO_SDK)/bin/xpidl -m header -I$(GECKO_SDK)/idl foo.idl
$(GECKO_SDK)/bin/xpidl -m typelib -I$(GECKO_SDK)/idl foo.idl
g++ -w -c -o foo_impl.o -I $(GECKO_SDK)/include $(DEFINE) foo_impl.cpp
g++ -w -c -o foo_module.o -I $(GECKO_SDK)/include $(DEFINE) foo_module.cpp
dylib: impl module
g++ -dynamiclib -o foo.dylib foo_impl.o foo_module.o -L$(GECKO_SDK)/lib \
-L$(GECKO_SDK)/bin -Wl,-executable_path,$(GECKO_SDK)/bin \
-lxpcomglue_s -lxpcom -lnspr4
rm *.o
rm foo.h
rm foo.xpt
rm foo.dylib

7. Run make. Hopefully, it should work.


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